Voltage Toy Hauler

The Voltage RV is the king of fifthwheel toyhaulers.  It is unmatched luxury toy hauler combination, with spacious ceilings, plenty of sleeping room, a versatile garage area, and dozens of other high quality features you won’t find in other toy hauler RV’s.  The Voltage is designed by professional who are invested in making the absolute best toy hauler on the market.  They care about the details just like you, and put the extra effort that makes the Voltage #1 in toy hauler recreational vehicles. 

Voltage is the fastest growing fifth wheel toy hauler in the market, and it’s clear why.  Not only does it have unmatched features and innovation, but Voltage has a variety of floorplans and features sets that make it the toy hauler of choice for anyone looking to buy an RV.  The V-Series boy hauler have all the necessities and convinces of home and have plenty of storage to make your RV camping trip a success.